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Perineural injection treatment

What is perineural injection treatment?

Perineural Injection Treatment is a safe, effective technique used to manage the pain from a wide range of conditions. The technique was developed by Dr John Lyftogt in New Zealand and involves multiple injections of small amounts of 5% glucose solution under the skin and around nerves in painful areas where the nerves are irritated and sensitive. The treatment aims to reduce pain and restore movement in the area treated, by reducing neurogenic inflammation (inflammation generated by irritated nerves).

How does it work?

All cells, including nerve cells, require glucose as an energy source. If a nerve is injured, compressed or stretched anywhere along its path, the blood supply and nerve supply to that nerve becomes compromised. This reduces the delivery of nutrients, including glucose, to the nerve and the nerve becomes distressed at that location. A distressed nerve becomes swollen, irritable and hypersensitive and starts to fire more rapidly, causing pain. The nerve also generates inflammation in an attempt to heal itself. These inflammatory substances further irritate the nerve if the compression and swelling persists. Injecting 5% glucose around these sensitised, irritable nerves, provides the fuel needed to reduce swelling and abnormal firing and restore normal nerve function and healing. The result is an immediate decrease in pain and improvement in range of motion and function.

Treatment schedule

Following a detailed discussion and examination to determine if the treatment is suitable for you, tender points in the field of the irritated nerve are identified and marked on the skin. A small amount (typically 0.2ml - 1ml) of buffered 5% glucose solution is injected at each of these points. The number of injections per treatment varies from just a few to more than twenty, depending on the condition being treated. The technique aims to reduce pain and improve movement in the area treated to the lowest possible (ideally no pain) at the time of treatment. This analgesic, pain-relieving effect can last from a few hours to a few days. When pain returns, it is often substantially less severe. On average, patients notice a 15-20% improvement after each treatment, but this can be up to 80%. Treatments are repeated every 1-2 weeks until all the pain has resolved. Typically, patients require between 4-8 treatments in total.

Treatment uses

Perineural Injection Treatment is effective in treating many painful musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain and neck-related headaches, low back pain, hip and knee osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, groin pain, Achilles tendinopathy, foot pain and many more. Perineural injection treatment can be particularly effective for scars from injuries or surgery that stay red, swollen and tender. A series of glucose injections into the scar helps to mature the scar, decreasing redness and tenderness. Also, recent soft tissue injuries, such as calf strains and ankle sprains, also seem to respond particularly well to Perineural Injection Treatment. These injuries often only require 1-2 treatments to settle.

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